Message From The President

Dear Business Partners and Colleagues;

My work life started at a very early age, with the belief that you cannot achieve anything without hard work – honesty and diligence have been my main principles ever since.

I believe that what we attain through our work is merely entrusted to us, and that we should therefore use it economically and share it with others. Unnecessary expenditures will weaken both the fabric of our society and our economy.

As someone who understands that our social responsibility is as important as our business, and that servicing our country is our first and foremost duty, for me, fulfilling our obligations to our nation is no less important than new business ventures.

Keeping in mind that investing in people is our biggest social responsibility, I find it very important to build and donate faculty buildings, trade schools and libraries.

My main principle is that a stable and maintainable growth, both country wise and in terms of personal business, is only possible through hard word, economizing, giving others their due and investing in your business and people.

These principles have been my most trusted allies my whole life. I have done my best to continue my life within this framework.


İzzet Bayraktar